Advocate for the U.S. rice industry and pave the way for college education

As a global non-profit and advocate for the U.S. rice industry, USA Rice wanted to encourage high school students interested in agriculture to pursue college degrees. To achieve this, USA Rice awards a scholarship to the winner of a video contest. USA Rice wanted to boost participation in the contest among high school students.

When the website was initially launched, it focused on the Washington DC metro area and independent projects from technologists who worked for startups. We partnered with hatch I.T. to rebrand the hatchpad website’s purpose and user experience.
We designed a website that
  • brings awareness to the annual video contest
  • serves as a platform for high school students to upload their video
  • is a gallery of video submissions where people can vote on their favorite video.
We built the site in WordPress using the Divi theme which allows us the creative freedom to strengthen the Reel Rice Contest brand and user experience.

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