Building a community for those passionate about tech startups

hatch I.T. is a recruiting firm for tech startups. For over 10 years, hatch as been making an impact in the tech startup community. They had a vision of an online community that brought tech professionals and startups together. The vision became a reality with hatchpad.

When the website was initially launched, it focused on the Washington DC metro area and independent projects from technologists who worked for startups. We partnered with hatch I.T. to rebrand the hatchpad website’s purpose and user experience.
hatch I.T. wanted hatchpad to be a community rather than a project showcase. To do this, the website would no longer be exclusive to the DC metro area. The website would focus on three areas to bring the tech startup community together:

  • Jobs (positions available at startup companies)
  • Startups (in-depth profiles of tech startups)
  • Insights (Original articles, videos, and podcasts)

The hatch I.T. marketing team also wanted more control over the website. The initial website, although it was built in WordPress, was built in a way that limited their ability to scale the website.

We worked closely with the marketing department as well as gathering feedback from hatch I.T. recruiters, the executive team, and software engineers to rebrand the website as a community experience.

As a result:

  • We stayed with WordPress and rebranded the site using the Divi theme for scalability and allows hatch I.T. to have full control of their website content and design.
  • We used the Divi Module Builder and Advanced Custom Fields to build custom modules that pull in data into Jobs and Startup pages to create a well-rounded experience between jobs and startups.
  • We created data visualization dashboards using Data Studio so hatch I.T. can track user engagement from the website, Mailchimp, and social media.

We continue to work with hatch I.T. to evolve the website with new features and content.

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